Decision support for clinical flow

Increased efficiency and quality for hemato-oncology labs is the world's first software service to provide end-to-end decision support: from raw flow files to a diagnostic report.

Increase efficiency - maintain quality

Maintain quality

As a user, you have full control over the extent of decision support you employ: for each case, the exact confidence has in its diagnostic recommendation is made transparent.

Cut time to diagnosis

Whether it's gating or drawing one's conclusion: high-quality diagnoses take time. recommends diagnoses in seconds, reducing time to diagnosis to increase your throughput.

Export-ready reports

Writing medical reports can be tedious. can explain the clinical reasoning behind a diagnosis, so that you can configure, adapt and export medical reports in seconds.

When is right for you

You want to increase standardization of flow analyses
You carry out more than 500 clinical flow analyses annually
You have difficulty finding qualified personnel
You want to increase diagnostic throughput

Demonstrated quality

Medical software requires development processes that meet the highest standards. is a CE-IVD product and is scientifically backed by peer-reviewed publications.

IVDD compliant & FDA listed

We are compliant with the In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (IVDD), meaning that we conform to ISO 13485 (quality management), ISO 14971 (risk management), ISO 62366 (usability), ISO 62304 (software life-cycle management) and IEC 82304 (health software). is also FDA-listed and registered under 3024819501 as a “CALCULATOR/DATA PROCESSING MODULE, FOR CLINICAL USE”.

Clinically proven

We have demonstrated expert-level performance at making differential diagnoses between the most common B-NHL types and healthy patients in two clinical studies. We've shown a mean accuracy of >99% on about 70% of cases and even the possibility to improve sensitivity and specificity as compared to conventional workflows (see publications).

GDPR compliant

Our application performs client-side anonymization, which means that your patient's name never even reaches our servers.

Scientifically backed

In a series of papers (Cell Patterns, Cytometry A, ASH blood I, ASH blood II), we have demonstrated that our core AI algorithms are capable of hematologist-level B-NHL classifications, and that this knowledge can be transfered across different flow protocols. in figures

number of diagnoses supported by
98.6 %
mean accuracy in our prospective interventional clinical study
>75 %
of cases potentially required no human intervention
peer-reviewed publications
Testimonials in quotes

The world's largest laboratory networks trust to improve their workflows

“Nobody integrates as much data as“

Dr. med. Richard Schabath
Helios hematologist (OA), founder of a hematological practice

“In the long run, there will be only three specialized hematology labs in the Netherlands — I think that will help us to be amongst them.“

Dr. Jürgen Riedl
Hematologist & Co-founder of Result Laboratorium

“'s quantitative diagnosis is revolutionary.“

Dr. Cassano Juan Carlos
Zentrum für Labormedizin

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