How it works

FCS files in, analysis out

Making a diagnosis was never easier.

Uploading flow data

Uploading flow data is easy. Both FCS and LMD files are accepted. The panel of the data is automatically extracted from the files.
You can also upload multiple cases at once. The files are automatically matched by patient ID based on the filenames.

Clinical indications’s clinical indications of a case consist of cytograms and abnormalities. The cytograms display all cells in the flow data highlighting aspects of the data that are the most unusual for a healthy phenotype.

Diagnostic recommendations

Our diagnostic recommendations follow expert consensus. The confidences indicated represent how sure is of a gold standard diagnosis. For example, if the indicated confidence for a case is 95% for Hairy Cell Leukemia, then about 95% experts would diagnose this patient with Hairy Cell Leukemia. presents you with recommendations but does not perform autonomous decision making -- you as expert remain in control.