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We empower hematology labs to increase efficiency while maintaining quality

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We are supported by outstanding
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Interdisciplinary & international

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We combine the necessary skills in science, tech, and business.

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Dr. Karsten Miermans

CEO & founder

Karsten is our in-house generalist with a background in biophysics, software development, data science and education. It's Karsten's mission is to transform our technology into value for hema.to's users.

Felix Kunzweiler

Technical Officer & founder

Felix is a full stack developer and data scientist with a M.Sc. in physics. Having deployed many (AI) applications into production, Felix has gathered a deep understanding of the development of cloud applications and AI-based web services. Felix establishes our technical vision and leads the development of our products.

Dr. Franz Elsner

Research Officer & founder

Being an astrophysicist by training, Franz has worked as a cosmologist at various research institutes across Europe. He has developed a multitude of novel approaches for data analyses and is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, statistics, and programming. Franz ensures that our AI models are of utmost quality.

Dr. Hannes Lüling

CINO, MD & founder

Hannes is a theoretical physicist by training. After completing his PhD in computational neuroscience, he has worked for several DAX companies in data science. Being managing director in startups since 2016, Hannes became the owner of corporate development of hema.to.

Peter Glessner

Legal & Corporate Dev.

Peter Glessner is our internal legal advisor and is overseeing many legal fields including corporate law. He's officially joined hema.to in 2022 and works on reimbursement and corporate development. In addition, Peter's responsible for a human-centered company culture, knowing that our employees' wellbeing is crucial for the company's success.

Dr. Aleks Mężydło

Medical Affairs Officer

Aleks has an extensive background in neuro-immunology and developing advanced screening tools. With her experience in flow cytometry and immunology, she co-develops our product and company strategy. Moreover, Aleks ensures we are (IVDD) compliant.

Felix Spöttel

Senior Full Stack Developer

Felix is a full stack developer with over a decade of experience in building web applications. Felix supports engineering across the entire stack.

Artur Toloknieiev

Medical data specialist

As a medical student and technology aficionado, Artur offers profound clinical understanding of haematological diseases as well as experience in medical data annotation, analysis, and presentation, providing a professional’s insight into the matters at hand and helping us ensure our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Yevhenii Sharapov

AI Developer

Yevhenii is a master student in mathematics at the TUM and has worked as a data scientist and full stack engineer for multiple yeas at various companies.

Debora Werner


Debbie is a master student in philosophy and will help expand operations and support back-office work.

Our industry expert advisors

We are guided by experts ranging from medical software to leukemia treatment

We are supported by outstanding
medical & research experts.

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PD Dr. Thomas Huber

Medical Innovation Advisor

Assistant professor of radiology, senior physician, and Vice President Marketing and Solutions at Smart Reporting.

Dr. Martin Becker

Immunology Advisor

Scientist Analytical Development with Matterhorn Biosciences with more than a decade of experience in personalized medicine, immunology and flow cytometry.

Dr. Jürgen Riedl

Laboratory integration advisor

Co-founder of Result Laboratorium and internationally recognised expert in hematology, clinical chemistry and digital microscopy.

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Krawitz

Scientific Advisor

Director of the Institute for Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics of the University of Bonn, with over a decade of experience in machine analysis of genomic and flow cytometry data.

Open Positions

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You want to help us improve leukemia diagnostics and have true impact with your work? Then join our motivated team in one of the following open positions!

Data Engineer / MLOps Engineer (f/m/d)

Full Time (m/w/d)

Junior Software Engineer (f/m/d)

Full Time (m/w/d)

Senior Statistician / Research Scientist (f/m/d)

Full Time (m/w/d)

Head of Sales (f/m/d)

Hybrid / flexible
Full Time (m/w/d)

Senior Machine Learning engineer (f/m/d)

Full Time (m/w/d)

Senior Software Engineer (f/m/d)

Full Time (m/w/d)

Isn’t the perfect postion listed here?

Send us an email talent@hema.to or book a call and we will try to find a perfect role for you!


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