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Dr. Karsten Miermans

CEO & founder

Karsten is our in-house generalist with a background in biophysics, software development, data science and education. It's Karsten's mission is to transform our technology into value for hema.to's users.

Felix Kunzweiler

Technical Officer & founder

Felix is a full stack developer and data scientist with a M.Sc. in physics. Having deployed many (AI) applications into production, Felix has gathered a deep understanding of the development of cloud applications and AI-based web services. Felix establishes our technical vision and leads the development of our products.

Dr. Franz Elsner

Research Officer & founder

Being an astrophysicist by training, Franz has worked as a cosmologist at various research institutes across Europe. He has developed a multitude of novel approaches for data analyses and is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, statistics, and programming. Franz ensures that our AI models are of utmost quality.

Dr. Hannes Lüling

CINO, MD & founder

Hannes is a theoretical physicist by training. After completing his PhD in computational neuroscience, he has worked for several DAX companies in data science. Being managing director in startups since 2016, Hannes became the owner of corporate development of hema.to.

Olivier Poulin

Chief Business Development Officer

Olivier is an accomplished leader with 15+ years of experience in managing commercial organisations in the field of anatomo-pathology and clinical biology. Olivier has a background in in biomedical science. With 25 years of sales experience in healthcare, 8 years in marketing and a proven track-record of business development within Europe for innovative start-up companies, Olivier will be responsible for developing strategic alliances with partners in hematology as well as leading a growing comm

Peter Glessner

Head of Customer Adoption and Legal

Peter is our head of Customer Adoption and is responsible for the customer journey and the adoption team. He is a communicator, allrounder and has a interest in managing complex processes. He holds a degree in economic-law, with extensive experience in various legal fields, including corporate law and also in negogiation. Peter officially joined hema.to in 2022.

Dr. Martin Becker

Senior Scientist Immunology & Cytometry

Martin has many years of experience in the fields of immunology and cytometry and will support these areas as Senior Scientist Immunology & Cytometry from December on.

Dr. Alexander Trende

Senior Data and Research Scientist

He has over 7 years of experience as a scientific researcher in the development of machine learning models and will support us as Senior Data and Research Scientist in extending the functionality of our product.

Atheer Ali M. Abdullatif

Data Engineer

Atheer is very experienced within the healthcare sector and supports us with her knowledge in data engineering, Infrastructure and interfaces.

Dr. Aleks Mężydło

Medical Affairs Officer

Aleks has an extensive background in neuro-immunology and developing advanced screening tools. With her experience in flow cytometry and immunology, she co-develops our product and company strategy. Moreover, Aleks ensures we are (IVDD) compliant.

Prof. Dr. João Moura Alves

Staff Scientist for Immunology & Cytometry

João is a Biochemist with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and a passion for Immunology with 20 years of cytometry experience. João uses his deep expertise in cytometry data analysis to help improve hema.to's algorithms.

Lara Rashdan

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Lara is an experienced RA/QA specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the Medtech industry, most specifically in startups. Skilled in technical documentation, identifying regulatory and quality requirements and international regulatory submission. A professional with a keen eye for details and excellent time and project management skills.

Felix Spöttel

Senior Software Engineer

Felix is a senior software engineer with over a decade of experience in building web applications. Felix supports engineering across the entire stack.

Florian Kaußner

Operations Manager

Florian oversees and manages operations and the back-office. He has over seven years of experience in business & IT operations.

Dr. Florian Pfisterer

Senior Data and Applied Scientist

Florian is a statistician by training, having completed a MSc. and PhD in Statistics. During his PhD, Florian conducted research in machine learning with a focus on automated machine learning, optimization, domain generalization and algorithmic fairness.

Dr. Judit Rial Saborido

Product Owner

As PO of our core product, Judit is responsible for the product & feature lifecycle. With a background in Immuno-Oncology, Hematology, Cellular Metabolism and flow cytometry, Judit is personally driven by technological advances in the field of Medicine and is excited about the possibilities AI has to offer in this field.

Dr. Michael Burgess

Senior Data and Research Scientist

Michael has many years of experience in building large frameworks for statistical analysis as an astrophysicist at the Max-Planck Institute, where he's worked extensively with Björn and Felix. Michael will develop algorithms to reduce cytometry variability.

Athina Chavli

Medical Sales Development Representative

Starting December, Athina will be a sales development representative at hema.to, starting and fostering relationships with labs and academic hospitals. Athina has a background in flow cytometry herself as part of her academic training in biotechnology and laboratory work on stem cells. She's currently working in Amsterdam in management of clinical trials.

Shipra Shalini

Senior Backend & DevOps Engineer

Shipra has over a dozen years of industry experience in backend and devOps. Shipra is working on our cytometry backend architecture, in part to make sure its available to diagnosticians 24/7 with snappy response time.

Artur Toloknieiev

Medical data specialist

As a medical student and technology aficionado, Artur offers profound clinical understanding of haematological diseases as well as experience in medical data annotation, analysis, and presentation, providing a professional’s insight into the matters at hand and helping us ensure our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Daniel Moritz

CFO (interim)

Daniel is our interim CFO through his company Ingrain Investments, in which he offers bespoke, CFO-as-a-service consulting.

Dr. Tim Adler

Senior Data and Applied Scientist

Tim has a background in mathematics, physics and computer science. He has completed his PhD in machine learning applied to oncology at the DKFZ German Cancer Research Center. Tim will be working on expanding the scope of hema.to's supervised ML models.

Dr. Björn Biltzinger

Data & MLOps Engineer

Björn has been building large pipelines and frameworks for data analysis at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics for years. He'll use his skills in data & MLOps engineering to more quickly serve new customers.

Felipe Valverde

Backend Engineer

Felipe has over 10 years of industry software engineering experience, including at medical companies. He'll use his extensive experience to improve hema.to's backend.

Our industry expert advisors

We are guided by experts ranging from medical software to leukemia treatment

We are supported by outstanding
medical & research experts.

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Prof. Dr. Olga Pozdnyakova

US clinical integration & novel cytometry capabilities

Prof. Pozdnyakova has been a renowned hematopathologist in the Boston ecosystem for 16 years already, having lead the hematology laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital's before recently becoming director of hematopathology at Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System.

Elizabeth Eshel

Clinical cytometry in hematology

Elizabeth is coordinator of clinical cytometry at Ziv Medical Center (Israel). She has almost 20 years experience in cytometry, with a focus on hematology. She has a particular interest in MDS.

PD Dr. Thomas Huber

Medical Innovation Advisor

Assistant professor of radiology, senior physician, and Vice President Marketing and Solutions at Smart Reporting.

Dr. Jürgen Riedl

Laboratory integration advisor

Co-founder of Result Laboratorium and internationally recognised expert in hematology, clinical chemistry and digital microscopy.

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Krawitz

Scientific Advisor

Director of the Institute for Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics of the University of Bonn, with over a decade of experience in machine analysis of genomic and flow cytometry data.

Open Positions

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You want to help us improve leukemia diagnostics and have true impact with your work? Then join our motivated team in one of the following open positions!

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Frontend / UI Developer (f/m/d) - part time

Hybrid / flexible
Part Time(m/w/d)

Product Owner (f/m/d)

Hybrid / flexible
Full Time (m/w/d)

Senior Software Engineer (f/m/d)

Hybrid / flexible
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